Bridge Light English

Mr. & Mrs. Orr Bridge Light was founded in January of 2003 on the premise that English education in Korea has historically fallen short of achieving its intended purposes. It is our desire and veritable ambition to be the difference─to provide instruction and guidance that will lead to the practical application of English in social, educational, and real life situations. Practical application should be defined as the ability not only to read and write, but to speak effectively. It is our philosophy that outcomes-based education is the most suitable approach to achieving the desired practical application skills we seek to develop in each student. It is our philosophy that English education is best achieved when the values of discipline and respect are pervasive throughout the institution, and when educators are thoroughly prepared and eager to build the bridges of understanding. Like the lighthouse on the distant dark horizon, our teachers will be prepared to light the way for those children floundering in the murky waters of confusion and misunderstanding. We will challenge our students; they will be expected to meet those challenges. We believe that when the aforementioned attributes of education are in harmony, we will successfully create an environment which will be most conducive to second language instruction and acquisition. We pledge to never forget the sacrifices parents make to ensure their children's potential, and we will honor their sacrifices with vigilance of the heart.

PrincipalDavid A. Orr
Vice PrincipalBomi K. Orr

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