Bomi K. Orr

With her students - Fall-Winter Semester

Exciting roller coaster! - Study in America

With Mr. Orr & Mandy - Study in America

Welcome speech - Evening of English

With her students - Summer Camp

Fun of California trip! - Study in America

English Education Philosophy

I strongly believe that every individual is born to experience the full scope of the world, which is filled with miraculous wonder. Without the command of English, we Koreans are forced to live in a limited world. As an English speaker, I've realized that having the ability to use this international language is like having a magic key to the door of broader knowledge. My personal mission as a teacher is to hand over this key to my students so that they can open the door to the grand adventure of the miraculously wonderful world awaiting them.

Weekly Schedule

Time Level Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4:30 PMSpecial Elementary & Various Levels
6:00 PM
7:30 PM