Yoon Hee Kim

Her class is full of smiles - Fall Semester

With all we learned today~ let the game begin. - Fall Semester

My teacher is a yogurt mom today~! - Halloween

Never miss the ones missed once! - Test Prep.

English Education Philosophy

When I think about the time I started learning English, I can’t forget the teacher who helped me not to feel the fear but to gain the confidence in learning. Through this teacher, I realized that teachers play the critical parts for the development of the student’s perspective toward new knowledge. I would like to become a teacher who delivers the sense of happiness by instilling the confidence of speaking English into their mind

Through my student’s smiles and warm hearts, I find myself improving every day. With the passion to become a better teacher, I will give my all to my students. Furthermore, I will do my best to assist them in making their dreams come true through English.

Weekly Schedule

Time Level Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4:30 PM Basic6 Grammar Vocabulary Let's Go Reading Speaking
6:00 PM SI Grammar Reading Grammar Reading TOEIC
7:30 PM SI Grammar Reading Grammar Reading TOEIC